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In this post, we’re going to introduce ourselves, and what we do at But before that, let’s meet our team. If you're looking for a place to spend your relaxing time off work or school, then look no further. At Color Loves, we offer a fun and creative environment where you can express yourself and try something new every day. Whether it's designing custom furniture or coloring traditional art, at Color Loves you'll find an opportunity to grow as a person and artist. And did we mention it's all completely

Your favorite game comes to life in this magical adventure! In this fun and colorful world, you can explore, collect gems and fight monsters. Use your arrow keys to move forward and use the mouse to interact with objects, characters and environment. COLOJOON is a 2D shading game created for relaxing & coloring. The game is simple but very addictive, especially when you start playing with

This game is about relaxing and coloring. It starts with simple shapes and colors and gradually gets more complex. You can color the shape itself, or just the background. You can also paint colors on top of other colors, changing their hue. In the end, you’ll get a picture of your own making! Play the game to see what you can

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Using Mouse

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