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Contexto - Find similar words, find hidden words, and train your brain
Are you a master of puns? You enjoy daily word and unlimited word puzzle games. Contexto is a new game that helps you train your brain every day by providing you with an infinite number of puzzles.
Contexto - Find the secret word is a game that you can play online. You have an unlimited number of guesses.
- An artificial intelligence algorithm sorted the words based on how similar they were to the secret word.
- You will see a word's position after you submit it. Number is the secret word - Thousands of texts were analyzed by the algorithm. It computes the similarity between words based on the context in which they are used.

Elements include: - Unlimited daily word puzzles - Training your brain's sophistication and sharpness - Increasing your vocabulary - The puzzles are unlimited and always updated - There are also many other appealing features that you may explore, enjoy, and experience.

Contexto - Similar Word is a free, daily word game that trains your brain.

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