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About CyberDino: T-Rex vs Robots

Cyberdino T Rex Vs Robots is an Arcade Side-Scrolling Dinosaur Action Game. Use your skills as a prehistoric hunter to defeat the robotic dinosaurs that are invading your island. This game is a sequel of Cyberdino Extreme. If you like side-scrolling dinosaur games, then this one is for you! Try not to get eaten by this aggressive prehistoric beast and survive as long as possible. Use your arsenal of weapons, from spears to dust shooters and more, to take care of this menacing dinosaur

Cyberdino is back and he’s stronger than ever! With the help of his robot friends, Cyberdino has built a mega-computer that will power his cyberdinos to become even more powerful than ever before. But now, war machines known as robots are coming out of their shelters to take on the new super-cyberdino. Can your squadron of digital ninjas battle through 10 stages of robot assault with only their wits and bombs as

The world is going to war. The robots are winning. To save us all, the cybertronians have been genetically engineering dinosaurs across the underworld. Fight back with an arsenal of devastating weapons and superpowers in this side-scrolling arcade shooter. With over 20 different robot types to takedown, upgrade your suit or use a combination of powers to tear your way through every last robot in

How to play CyberDino: T-Rex vs Robots

Using Mouse

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