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Dwarves have been waiting for thousands of years in the underground cities of the Dwarves. But now, the Goblins have invaded and started mining for gold. Only you can lead the Dwarves to victory! This game is a 2D Survival-RPG/Racing Game with great graphics, lots of features and challenging level design. A new update will be released every week with more content and updates. The game play is similar to Runes Of Magic and Legion Wars but with better graphics and additional combat abilities. It is inspired by classic games like Cataclysm, Runespell, Diablo and Mount & Blade Wars series. Control your dwarven forces, craft your equipment, choose Heroes and match your resources to carve out an empire in this

Dwarves are the most common race in the world. Everyone knows dwarves, and they like to live in mines. Dwarves love gold, and they’ll do anything to find it. Their secret tunnels lead them to rich veins of ore, which they mine and sell as gold. But miners have a hard life in the mines. They face many dangers while working. The miners’ leader tasks them with finding and destroying hidden monsters before the others come out. If you’re up for the task, read on to find out

Dwarves Glory Death And Loot is a turn-based RPG, in which you play as a dwarven adventurer who has to explore the world and defeat the minions of darkness. You will explore the world, fight monsters and decide how to proceed towards ending the game. The game is inspired by games such as Diablo and Torchlight. You can check out our Wiki for more

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Using Mouse

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