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Choose your starship, configure it to your liking, and then enter the battlefield. Endless League is a MOBA-style game in which you pilot a spaceship and destroy your opponents.

Depending on the game mode, players are assigned different objectives. Players can upgrade their ships as they fulfill mini-objectives, which will help them win the game.

Game Mode "Free For All"
Standard deathmatch game mode with ten players. Asteroids and experience orbs are strewn over the map, with health orbs in the center. There is an objective area in the center. Players who dominate this area earn points throughout time.
Killing other players or earning experience orbs allows them to upgrade their ship. The match is won by the first player to attain 10.000 points.

3D graphics with attention to detail in an intense multiplayer spacecraft battle game
Various attack possibilities that can be upgraded
Adaptable spacecraft with many powers
Color effects that can be altered
Account mechanism for tracking your progress
More features will be added shortly!
Endless League is a browser-based game.
WASD is used to move.
Hold the left mouse button for the first skill and the right mouse button for the second.
Zoom in/out with the mouse, E for the third skill, and R for the ultimate.

How to play Endless League

Using Mouse

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