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What if you were a mercenary that had just finished playing in a high-stakes poker game? What if you were offered an opportunity to return to the table and win the money you lost playing for it? This is exactly what happens in The Big Bank Heist, a side-scrolling 2-player shoot 'em up. As the leader of a large bank team, you must protect your hostages at all costs. You have 24 hours to plan and execute your heist, using a variety of robbing methods and weapons. The Big Bank Heist features: - 12 unique robbery schemes including sniper shots, explosive barrels, and sliding cash drawers - 3 Gun types including silenced SMGs, shotguns, and machine guns - Up to 4 different hostage options per stage - Procedural levels with 6 different bosses FIND THE HOSTAGES: Plan your heist based on the time of day and where the hostages are located. Each stage has three main objectives: Find the money (1 – 3), Find the hostages (4 & 5), or Stop them from getting away

You control a team of shooters. Your mission is to eliminate all the other teams players by shooting them, sending them flying off into space or just plain dodging their bullets. You can play against the computer or play against real people in a game of "Shoot Out". The game is simple - your goal is to get as many players as possible off the stage by shooting them in the legs, head, arms, space between their legs or just be the first one to touch the finish line. If you get it right you score points and if you get it wrong you lose points. If anybody on your team touches the finish line before you then that player gets a point for each frame they stay on the

The final round of the 2014 Reggio-Ennio Gopi Shootout is in sight. After an exciting second half, we have a concluding third game to play. Can you get your team over the line? This game is quick and difficult at the same time. Let's get ready for another amazing shootout! Good

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Using Mouse

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