The video game industry has always been a unique beast. From the arcade-perfects of arcades to the online-only offerings of modern shooters and strategy games, there is something for everyone. While many enjoy playing competitively or simply for fun with friends, others would rather see their name in lights and play games to shut people up. The latter group has grown increasingly popular over the past few years with titles such as Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth, Cardboard Computer: A Game of Strategy, and Spectral Omen. Now those three title alone may not make you think they are related, but they do share a common theme; they’re all puzzle games in which one player controls an avatar that must navigate a grid-based environment while avoiding or bumping into objects along the way. But where do you even start with these games? How do you identify them from each other? Thankfully, HexaNetwork takes care of that for us, compiling this list of top 10 best puzzle games

Hexanautio is an io-based game where the player controls a hexagonal grid of moving platforms. Each platform has a specific role such as spawning arrows, bombs or mines, or spawning players. The player can build their own level by combining existing platforms to create new paths and strategies. There are currently two modes of play - solo and multiplayer. In solo mode you can play against yourself or with computer opponents to practice your skills and hone your aim. In multiplayer you can either compete against other players locally on the same network ( ideal for parties ) or with other players online on the same server ( best for competitive play

A snake game for the mobile devices, Hexanautio is a simple and addictive game. You play as an ant that has to find its way out of a big log by tapping on the screen. The longer you last, the higher score you get. Can you finish all 20 levels in order to get a high score? Have no fear we have implemented some amusing unlockable levels at the end of each chapter, so you can keep playing even if it’s just for

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