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The Idle Mines Empire is an up-to-date 3D mining game. It features modern 3D graphics, a modern mining engine and new mining algorithms. We also offer other great features such as an upgrade system, special missions and more! You take on the role of a miner who has to explore for and mine precious ores in your quest to build the most powerful ore empire. With your spare time you can spend on researching new ways to get the most out of your mine. Can you become the greatest miner ever? The Idle mines empire is a world class 3d Mining game with many unique features. - up-to-date graphics - realtime physics simulation - online and offline multiplayer - upgrade system - crafting system - mission system - tutorial system To help players learn how to play, we also have videos showing basic controls, generating different ores and much

In this paper, we will present Idle Mining Empire, a 2D management game. The goal of the game is to explore for and mine as much ore as possible. As you may know, in 2D games, you must leave your computer to go to sleep. Once you wake up again, all your games, videos, and other tasks are ready to go. You can play them from wherever you are. But what if you don’t want to wake up from your computer when it’s time for bed? What if you just want to play a little bit before going to bed? Well then Idle Mining Empire would be a great choice! In Idle Mining Empire, your task is not only to explore for and mine ores but also in some way upgrade the machine to make it more efficient while keeping it cost-effective. Let's see how it

Do you like to play Mining & Upgrading game? If yes, then Idle Miner might be the game for you. In this idle mining game you will be playing as a miner who has to work very hard day and night in order to upgrade various mine levels, collect gold and avoid being attacked by other miners. Are you up for it? Let’s get started. The Idle Miner is a turn based strategy game where the players take on the roles of Miners. The objective of the game is to Mine as many resources as possible while not getting hit by other players or Machines. The better your Miner (CPU and Graphics), the more resources you can Mine at once and thus, increase your

How to play Idle Mining Empire

Using Mouse

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