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The first ever kart fight game is here and it’s called Grow. It’s a platforming game where you drive around tracks trying to get as far away from other racers as possible. As you might imagine, it’s pretty easy to get caught in the middle of a race. You can try and dodge players by diving off the edge of a track or change lanes to go around them, but that only seems to make things worse. There are four arenas with increasingly difficult tracks, so no matter how much you practice you’ll never be quite ready for battle. If your name is KartFight, then this is definitely one of your worst Nightmare Night parties

Who needs speed when you’ve got cute? A kart game where you can race cute cat-like karts is the perfect thing to play when you don’t feel like playing a racing game. Especially one that involves growing and nurturing your own karting cats. The winner is the player who gets the most points by winning races and completing objectives. Points are won by grabbing onto the right spots on the race track using your mouse or choosing the right path for your cat-karting machine to fly through. There are also other cool features like leaderboards and achievements that keep you playing even when it’s not fun any

The Kart Fight is a game that was created back in the days where most of us were obsessed with playing online kart racing games on our smart phones. But as time has moved on and we’ve grown up, the Kart Fight has been demoted to an old-fashioned nostalgic pastime. Meaning that for most people it doesn’t really exist anymore. So here I am, bringing you a new version of the Kart Fight! A fast-paced, one-button game

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Using Mouse

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