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The ultimate one button battle experience. No learning curve,just hit the fight button and your ready to go. Dodge,summon,jump,slide or shoot React with friends or foes in this ENDLESS BATTLES

A land-locked nation has it's problems, but one thing it doesn't lack is excellent battles! Get ready to fight in all-out wars across the globe with the Mini Battles game from IaK

The last great war has ended. The new order has emerged, and all that is left are a handful of nation-states now locked in an endless cycle of warfare. As the sole survivor of a belligerent nation, you must build your power base and emerge as the dominant power broker in this post-war world. You will do this by dominating land, sea, and industry sectors to expand your territory and gain control of resources. How much territory do you desire? How many wars will you wage to gain it? What kind of conflicts will you create in order to increase your influence? Alliances? Divisions? Wars? It's time to rise from the ashes and become a Great

How to play MiniBattles

Using Mouse

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