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It’s monopoly, but with clickers! A clicker board game combines the monotony of playing monopoly by yourself with the excitement of playing it while being accompanied by your team of three virtual friends. You and your team have to take over a monopolistic company by clicking on its competitors’ assets until they’re no more. Sounds simple, but in this Clicker Clickerboard Game you have to be nimble and think fast to complete stages successfully. The first one to click four times on a vacant land or on an opponent’s base wins. If you can’t finish any of the lands before your opponent does, he wins instantly. Is that fair? Maybe not, so in this game you can use cheat codes to help you win faster By using these codes, you will be able to buy land more cheaply or sell it at a higher price. How many cheat codes are there? Upgradable Boards – There are different boards in this game which change depending on where you place your initial clicker board. These boards gradually become more difficult as you progress through the game and increase your score. Moreover, there are multiple boards for every skill level from beginner to expert; meaning there is something for everyone! Turbo – Get fast clicks by upgrading your clicks at regular intervals called TURBO TIMES. These intervals begin when you first place your cursor anywhere on the board and last for every subsequent click until it’s no longer valid.

Super-simplified version of the popular board game. Your task is to collect as much money as possible by purchasing properties and land. To do this, you have to buy properties with cash you find whileeither playing the game or by clicking on them in the game. The more properties you own, the more money you can buy. Each property has its own value, so it's important to choose wisely when buying real estate. Keep in mind that once you lay out a property plan for construction or purchase, it cannot be changed even if profitability decreases. It's better to make sure that all your land plots are profitable than to spend money on land you'll never be able to take advantage of in the long

You love monopoly. You like to play monopoly. You even make money playing monopoly. Well here’s the app for you! The ultimate monopoly board game experience! -It's a virtual monopoly game that's fun for both new and experienced players! -Enjoy fast-paced games against your friends or the AI without fear of boring or slow-moving players. -Keep score and compete against yourself or other players in online leagues and

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