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The world as we know it is about to change. We are on the cusp of a new era. A momentous occasion has befallen us and our descendants will remember it for centuries to come. It all started in the year 2012 with the release of the first openly-traded virtual reality (VR) device, the Oculus Rift. This was the dawn of an entirely new medium that had long been shrouded in mystery — video games. But this was just the

From the developers of BattleBlock Theater comes the latest arcade flash game, Eggs Supermarket. This time you get to play as a little egg who has to run an unmanned supermarket in order to save his eggs from being eaten by customers and robots. Make sure to upgrade your store with different products, like milk, bread or cheese! Use the arrow keys to run and the O key to shop. Good luck and have

The final installment of the casual yet challenging game series comes to an end. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean it’s time for you to lay down. You can play the most recent installment, Upgrade Mania 4, again or try our brand-new casual but intense flash version of the game - Upgrade Mania 5. Whatever you do, just don’t step on the Upgrade! How will you like that? Read on to know

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