MudWars is a game in which you operate a tank and battle other players in a muddy area! You can select your username, tank skin, and server area before you begin. When you first join the combat, you must go about the map and shoot at the gold nuggets lying on the ground; destroying a nugget grants you XP and allows you to level up your tank.

When your tank advances to the next level, you will be given stat points that you may utilize to boost your reload speed, damage, health, heal capacity, energy, and recharge rate. Aside from the central map, the outskirts are covered in mud, slowing your progress and forcing you to drive your tracks to cut a passage.

You will find larger nuggets in the muck that will offer you more XP, but you will also be more vulnerable to enemy damage! As you continue, your tank becomes more powerful, and you may wreak havoc on your opponents! Will you be able to win the MudWar?

Hadik created this game.

How to play

Using Mouse

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