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The game is set in a fated future. The advanced robot miners have become so efficient that their work has become automated. The only jobs left for humans are as prison guards at coal mines or as guards in factories making robots. In this prison game, you will be playing the role of a young noob miner who wants to escape from prison and make a new life. This is a side-scrolling game with 2D graphics and an auto-leveling feature so that you can play even while wearing heels or while running in place. However, it might not be the most comfortable way to play. You will need to think outside of the square to overcome obstacles and reach your goal! Control your character with the mouse to navigate through levels and pick up mining tools along the way. Make use of walls, ceilings, floors and even dynamite bottles when traversing difficult passages. If you are good enough, you may also throw dynamite bottles using the + button after reaching certain points in order to open locked doors! You can craft various items by mining ore from levels; use these materials to build houses, spells, bombs and other helpful objects. Each level has its own atmosphere and mood; try not to get caught up in the repetitive gameplay and enjoy each stage as it

So you’ve been caught and now you have to escape prison. How? You’ll have to craft some items, find a way out, and of course… mine! This is the second part of the Noob Miner Escape From Prison game that you can play with your friends. In part one,you had to make your way into the prison. Now here, you’re trying to get yourself out again. Use your creativity and logic skills to get out of prison,and don’t let anyone stop you! Play this game with your friends or challenge them anytime. For more details about this game check out its description below or click on the link shown at the end of this

You are a new prisoner in this prison. You have been sentenced to five years in prison and your target date is on the 23rd of this month. You have one job: to clear the mine and save the day! When you reach the end of each level, you’ll be taken to a new one with more difficult tunneling and ore guardians. Feel free to explore every nook and cranny, don’t just follow the straight path; find alternate routes as well! The more ways you can access an area, the more opportunities you have at destroying that guard station before he reaches

How to play Noob Miner: Escape From Prison

Using Mouse

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