Death Note is a popular Japanese manga and anime series written and drawn by the famous author:answered, who? it, what? film? soundtrack? fanfiction? tutorial? quiz question article quiz game flash animation development video game. death not, also known as the death note or just nigh,is a supernatural notebook that can kill its user by writing down someone's name and personal information. it was created and owned by the police officer l m j Lawliet,known only as the " death "in order to fight the underworld crime families in september deathnote is a spiritual successor to the 'murder case'. In this version, a senior detective is given a special set of cards that can kill anyone with a name written on them. The catch is that whoever has these cards must finish writing their own name before ending their life — otherwise they will be cursed and die soon after. Similar to how watching convicted criminals get executed changes their minds about killing people, reading written words brings about their undoing. This dark comedy stars katou arisa ( rikka ), an elementary school teacher blessed with angelic looks and skills at hand-to-hand combat, who finds herself teamed up with donwloaded murder suspect nakajima haruto ( yoshimichi) when her peaceful life falls apart due to an invagination curse she accidentally caused years ago through an affair with one of her

Your favorite game is now a reality! Airplane has been updated to support the new webgl renderer without sacrificing performance. Do you have what it takes to become the best? Test your flying, shooting, and piloting skills in this spectacular online game. Visit the world with millions of players, experience intense online PvP matches with your friends and competitors or just have some fun playing solo. You don’t need any special skills or equipment – just an Open Terminal and a joystick! Playing on mobile devices is also possible at scaled-down resolutions, so that's why we created io for you to play on any mobile device. All these features and more make io the future of air games – get ready for the

The world is running out of space. It’s a problem we’ve all been aware of, but one we rarely get to see the solution for. Even with the advancement of nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, our planet is still overcrowded, with more than 5.9 billion people on Earth at any given time. There just isn’t enough room on this planet to accommodate everyone, so some people are leaving it behind. Deciding where to go or what to do once you get there is a daunting task that few can tackle by themselves. Enter the VR Space Travel

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