The latest snake game fromIO is not just another snake game. It’s color, HTML5 and Snake Multiplayer are what make thisio Game called “Avoid Arena” stand

The new, official game of the year 2015! Get your copy now before it's gone! Or at least until you can download it for free from the Google Play store. *COUGH* You know, for breaking copyright laws. Anyway, back to the game: Color is a snake-like multiplayer arena strategy game that has you playing against other players in competitive and casual modes. It's simple enough for anyone to pick up and play, yet challenging enough for experts to get their scores upped. Players take on the role of color-coiled snakes and use their dynamic abilities to either attack their opponents or stay out of harm's way. To win, players must gain as muchrouch as possible while avoiding or attacking their opponents' tongues and endlesstiles. Sounds simple enough? The game is played with snakes of different colors instead of actual soldiers or weapons because that makes the gameplay a lot more fun and adaptive than if we were actually fighting each other with pitchforks and burning

For years I’ve been playing games, making games, and talking about games. By “playing games” I mean watching them Played on YouTube or Twitch, playing the classics like Mario or Sonic or Angry Birds, trying out new ones on Facebook or Twitter. But lately my attention has turned to creating my own video games. For a long time this was a hobby I did just for fun and nothing more. But now that I live with my boyfriend in an apartment with no space of my own, video games have become a necessity. The only problem? There’s not very many video game creation apps out there that work with computers and smartphones alike. To make it easy for other people who are still doing it the old fashioned way — creating videos and sharing them on YouTube — I made Redio: The New World of Video Games. It is an application that you can use to create your own 3D video games using HTML5 and

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