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Farm your own farm and grow the best crops to sell at the fair. Build a road system and connect your farms by using With its cool art style, accessible controls, and ability to be as casual or challenging as You can play this game either for free or for a very small fee. You will not get any in-app-purchase methods here to increase your playtime. This means that once you have finished the game, you are stuck with it - there is no going back. However, this doesn't mean that this isn't a good game; far from it! It does exactly what it says on the tin — it is an agricultural farming game where you take care of various farm animals and grow their food so that they can live happy lives. You build pens for pigs, cows, sheep and goats then manage how many each animal breeds in order to produce more food in the end. The animals have personalities too; some are friendly while others might cause problems for you. It's easy to learn but hard to

A fun and challenging game of farming! Can you master the art of pixel farming? - - - - - -

Do you like to farm and grow your own vegetables?If so, this is the game for

How to play Peckin' Pixels

Using Mouse

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html52dmanagementpixelcasualanimal1 playerfarming

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