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In this game,you have to kill all the more bandits you kill,the more money you are also secret levels,but they are pretty

Someone has stolen the Bandit Coin and your mission is to track them down. Use a combination of powerful skills, an arsenal of weapons, and your friends to take them on. In Bandit Rip, you assume the role of a bandit tracking down the thieves who stole your bandit coins. You have three lives; use them wisely as you fight through stages full of bandits and save the princess in each one. Battle other players or create teams with friends to search for all the bandits and take them on. The dynamic battle system that let you build your own matches makes it easy to play with or against friends in local or online

The word rip is synonymous with violent chaos and extreme violence. The act of ripping something- be it a piece of cloth, fabric, paper, or something else that can be used for clothing- in half is also referred to as ripping apart. So what does the whole bandit rip/ripe thing have to do with fighting? Fighting games have a long history of players ripping each other's clothes off and baring it all on the arena floor. Nowadays, people refer to this behavior as "bandit rapping" or simply "bandit rapping". In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about bandit rapping in fighting

How to play Super Bandit RIP

Using Mouse

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