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A clan based on the multiplayer first-person-shooter genre, where you and your teammates fight against other teams of players, both in offline and online matches. The team that takes the most points at the end of each game is the victor. Best team wins. The more people that play, the better their chances of winning. Crossfire is a 2D fighting game with an emphasis on teamwork and strategy instead of hand-to-hand combat. There are only two game modes: competition or co-op. The competition mode pits clans against each other in a series of 5 vs 5 matches to see who is the fittest, fastest, and deadliest clan member. The co-op mode allows up to 4 players to fight as one team together in raids against other clans in order to achieve

Your in-game alias is a key piece of your online identity. Whether you’re just getting into competitive gaming or you’re a veteran who wants to improve their game, having a handle on who you are outside of the game is essential. In order to become the best version of yourself as an in-game character, you need to know yourself and what makes you tick. Enter Calamity - an aristocrat with no home and a thirst for vengeance. You see, when her parents died under mysterious circumstances, she was left without parents of her own. That’s where we come in: by playing against one another, we can strengthen our bonds as a clan and go after harder challenges together as a

Are you ready for some INCREDIBLE multiplayer action? Come play with us at InGame 2 on March 5th! What's the best way to kill time waiting for a match to start? Get crafty in this arena mode, where each victory earns you points which can be used to increase your level. Make new friends, show off your skills and dive into a COOL WORLD OF INCREDIBLY

How to play SuperCTF

Using Mouse

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