Tetris is a classic puzzle game that's enjoyed world-wide. Try your hand at playing it with the Trisetio Game HTML5

A fast-paced, pixellated 4x chess game inspired by the classic Tetris. The objective of each game is to clear all of your opponent's pieces from the playing field. Each player takes turns moving their pieces, and pieces of their opponent's color are removed from play until only white or black remain. Once a piece is cleared from the field it can't be moved again until it has been completely separated from any surrounding pieces by other colors (ie: if there are other white pieces in play, then that piece can never touch a black one). Your goal in each game is to be the first to zero or more points than your opponents. If you can accomplish this by eliminating more pieces than them, great! However, points aren't won simply by being the first to zero; players who eliminate more colored opponent's (ie: green, pink and blue) than they do will also score a point. Get it? Chess with tetris? Yes

Pixel Tetris is a fast-paced, puzzle game where you play Tetris with blocks instead of pieces. The objective is the same as in all tetris games: place falling tetrominos on line so that no other Tetrius block falls on top of it. In this version, you can choose between three different game modes: • Score Attack – Score as many points as possible by placing tetrominos on lines. •classic – This mode is exactly like the original tetris with just a few differences. First, there’s no max score or time limit — play as long as you can! Second, instead of dropping tetrominoes that pay out golden lines and red urban squares, your Tetris pieces fall vertically down a vertical column (like in classic tetris). Third, instead of clear blue lines and red urban squares, your Tetris pieces fall horizontally down an infinite number of black lines (like in classic

How to play

Using Mouse

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