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Or have you heard about the aliens? They invaded Earth and took our planet over. We don’t know what they are like, or what their intentions are. All we know is that there are […] If you're ready to explore the worlds of Io, Minecraft, and Stick Fight in immersive VR things are about to get real. The Alien Invasion VR game is now available on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive! The game is a 3D interpretation of the popular mobile phone franchise called "Io" (get it?), where you play as one of the invaders who has to fight off human settlers who have taken over the world. Make sure to bring your friends along with you so that you can practice your fighting skills with other players all around the world. You can also visit alien bases to gain access to new weapons and power-ups as well as test your mettle against increasingly difficult mission sources. Are you ready for virtual reality? Let's

You are an alien, named Io, who is trying to get back home to your people. The planet is being invaded by another race of beings known as the Darkness. Your mission is to fight these invaders and drive them out of our world forever! Do whatever it takes to stop the Darkness from taking over Earth. Use guns, swords, speedboats and even snow skis to take on the

Can you save humanity against the giant alien invaders?In this webGL game you control a soldier who is about to make his/her valourous last stand against the invading aliens. Shoot, evade and explode the incoming space buggers. Use your gun wisely or use youragin powers to destroy every last space bugger that stands in your way. Have fun!

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