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It’s battle time! Fight your way through an arena, collect lances in the Collect game mode, and defeat other players in the Survival game mode. The lance you pick will determine your character’s ability to fight and is a free to play 3D hack ‘n’ slash action-strategy retro game on browser. You can also refer it as a 2D arena brawler or even a fidget spinners is based on the old school dungeon crawler genre of games but with some twists. Your objective is to be the last Lancer standing in an endless wave of invaders that attack from all directions at are indestructible medieval warriors who have mastered the art of fencing through physical combat by dodging, parrying and striking back at their is a game about fighting in an interactive world where you become one with the battlefield by brandishing a legendary lance charged with magic energy - ioLancer. io was made by GameMaker Studio fans for fans – so give it a

Are you ready for some PUBG action? The global battle royale sensation is coming to desktops in a few weeks, and we’re bringing the fight right to you. PUBG is a fast-paced, gun-slinging military shooter that’s both approachable and thrilling. Get your rifle slinging, your grenades throwing, and your shields (and maybe even some chairs) ARMED as we launch Battle Royale into the atmosphere. Expect intense matches filled with player vs player combat, strategic team work, micro management, resourceful play and death defying stunts at an adrenaline charged pace. You’ll fight it out on maps of beautiful nature or urban back alleys. If you can survive those bullets, then you’re ready for battle royale

This is the final installment of the “Bladers” series. These videos go over various concepts related to blading and how to play it properly. There are a few different ways that you can play this game, and I’m going over how to do it safely and effectively. In this video, I give you the low-down on what a Blader is, how to play one, and many other things you need to know in order to dominate the Blading

How to play Bladers

Using Mouse

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