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What is Parkour? In parkour, you have to learn to use your body and your mind at the same time. You have to think while you move. The object of the game is not so much to simply run or jump over obstacles but rather to learn how to perform fluid, graceful movements that minimize impact while still moving forward. This is a game about parkour. A fast-paced, side-scrolling platformer in which you train yourself to become a better parkour practitioner by mastering skills like timing jumps and evading danger. You play as Kiara, a young girl who can see the nature of the ground through crystals embedded in her feet. But she can’t see herself because she’s blinded by the sun. Thus, she must train herself past childhood to see through darkness and find her birthright as an initiate of this martial art called snares (a kind of obstacle

Do you like to explore hidden areas and overcome challenges without the use of tools? If you answered “Yes”, then you will love this adrenaline-pumping side-scrolling action-adventure game. A San Francisco street performer finds himself in a life or death fight against his own shadows when he enters the terrifying world of parkour. You see, when your Tee Pee is up, you’re la di da — the rest of the time you just Tkc. An ancient game of parkour, disguised as a 2D side scrolling game. Avoiding obstacles and mazes has never been so much

Parkour is a type of trail-liding that involves moving from place to place without touching the ground. It’s often referred to as “Jungle Gym” in Asian countries. What it means is you have to think quickly and use your surroundings to your advantage as you parkour from one place to another. The given examples below are just a few of the many different parkour disciplines, but due to their simplicity and thrill, these games have become almost impossible to play

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Using Mouse

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