Starblast is an unbelievably addictive area themed shooter game, you take control of a small, fundamental ship to start with and also harvest treasures to increase your statistics. When you’& rsquo; ve maxed out the stats readily available to a details ship you are given the option to advance your model into a various kind of spacecraf that has a different kind of tool set/overall statistics. This game can be played either passively, avoiding various other players as well as farming treasure rocks until you’& rsquo; re solid sufficient to defend versus yourself or you can play strongly and try to assault people as they’& rsquo; re wandering around or farming which is certainly much more enjoyable in much more opinion. In my individual encounters with the game it appears that the bigger ships normally have colleagues who join them either out of anxiety of being destroyed or simply people they understand, as a result of this it is extremely recommended you try to make a buddy in game or bring one in with you! .

How to play

This game gives 2 options for every action, you can either control your ship via arrow keys and fire using space bar or you can use your mouse. When using your mouse you navigate by holding in right click and dragging around whilst shooting with left click, I personally prefer this option as you have more definite control over your movements.

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