Stompedio ? Let's go! Controls: Mouse - Move / Stomp The Goomba You're facing a Goomba. What do you do? Run up to him and stomp on his head until he joins your team of footmen. Start by running towards him as fast as possible, then tap the Sprint button to jump high into the air. When he finally arrives on the ground, run towards him as fast as possible and stomp on his head until he vanishes! Simple, right? Good luck — this is This one

This amazing game is a multiplayer game where you have to jump over and stomp as many enemies as possible. There are several waves that you have to survive, with new and more difficult enemies appearing each time. The game has three different modes: Single player, Multiplayer (cross-platform and global), or co-op. The single player mode has you jumping over enemies with your own weapon/stamina bar, while the Multiplayer mode allows you to fight against other players online without any limitations. And the last but not least - the Co-op mode is like hardcore mode, where you play with a team of 3 other people online and try to defeat all the enemies as fast as you

You and your friends can take on the world in this thrilling new mode. Battle it out in This amazing game - one player against the world in a competitive Stompedio map. You can play however you like, with a friend or against them. This amazing game is a multiplayer game where each team is fighting for domination of a special stomping ground with limited space and time. You have only 24 hours to capture as much territory as possible before the opposing team does it for you! Can you become the This amazing game

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Using Mouse

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