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Superheroio 2 Chaos is a strategy game intended for 1-4 players. The goal of the game is to capture all the villains and put them in your cell for later use. To do so you will have to build various structures and gain more heroes to help you defeat your foes. You will be able to unlock new characters as you complete certain objectives. The game is entirely online, with cross-device support so that people on iOS can play against Android users as well. There are no in-app purchases or ads either. Superheroio 2 Chaos is completely free with no ads, but there are some limitations such as only having two AI going on at once and limited storage space on Google Play Games services (GMS). For example, if someone has GMS enabled they can have up to 20 Google+ friends that can join their games, while if they disable it the limit goes down to 5 friends only. It’s also worth mentioning that there is no multiplayer mode by itself – it’s meant to be played alongside another player using two devices simultaneously or two devices independently. If you don’t have any friends who play this game with you or just want a place where you can practice on your own, we recommend checking out our Superheroio 3 Strategy Game

When evil threatens the world, only a team of superheroes can save it. And when that happens, you know it is serious business. #superheroio2chaosgiant Superheroio 2: Chaos Giant is an HTML5 mobile game released on August 6th 2018 by Miniclip. It’s an action-packed sequel to the insanely popular Superheroio saga and sees you take control of new heroes in a brand-new adventure full of side-scrolling mayhem. Play as different superhero teams from all over the planet and battle chaos giants tearing up their cities! In this sequel to Superheroio, players will enjoy a brand new look for their favorite superheroes as every hero has been given a makeover. On top of that, there are three new playable teams each with their own unique abilities and

The world is in a constant state of chaos. In order to bring peace, the Superheroes form an alliance and created the Alliance for Good. But things are not as simple as it seems. The Superheroes must work together, but there are so many different personalities with different ideas on how to achieve that goal. They can only agree on one thing, TO CHANGE THE WORLD! The action-packed sequel to SUPERHEROIO! With amazing new super powers, enemies and allies, this fun-addicting sequel will take you deeper into the action than ever before! Battle against chaotic forces and create a better tomorrow for everyone by joining today’s most famous heroes: ICE MAN, OCEAN MAN, ECLIPSE MAN and REDWOOD

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Using Mouse

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