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Welcome to Trollface Quest! You are a part of a race of beings known as trolls. You have lived in peace for thousands of years, but that is about to change! A race of humans has begun to build a tower nearby called Trollsta. And what better way to get rid of them than by creating an army of giant trolls to destroy them? Enter the world of Trollface Quest and fight your way through over 30 stages, using over 100 different characters, in order to save the world from the invading forces of humanity. With the help of friends, enemies and even other entities from both the human and troll worlds, you must make your way through various levels, fighting monsters and avoiding traps in order to complete each stage. But be careful: There are many who would like nothing more than to see you destroyed! Use every trick in your arsenal to take out these pesky humans one step at a

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Using Mouse

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